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With our upholstery cleaning service, you will be able to prolong the life of your furniture while maintaining its health and safety for you and your family. Our upholstery cleaner will restore and wash your furniture, giving your living room new life.

Gentle and Thorough Cleaning

At Upholstery Cleaning Services, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. We are able to deal with even the most stubborn stains and will leave no mess behind when cleaning upholstery for you! Our cleaner is so gentle that it won’t damage furniture or harm anyone in your family.

Flexible Scheduling

Our team of professionals prides themselves on flexibility in scheduling cleaning services to fit your schedule. Whether you need end-of-lease, move out/in, renovation or as needed cleaning, we'll be there whenever you require us! All it takes is a call and our experts will set up an appointment for the perfect home clean. We also guarantee that we will provide the best upholstery service available today.

Deep Cleaning

Our method provides a quick and efficient way to clean dirt that's deep down, as well as moisture up to 90 percent. We extract it for fast-drying periods with powerful suction. Oriental rugs can be handcrafted or made by machine and need about twice yearly washing in order retain freshness / cleaning them properly is very important when identifying the fibers of each rug since they vary so much depending on origin/fiber type.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

With the constant evolution of our company, we have developed state-of-the art equipment and cleaning technologies that allow us to provide a cleaner service while also making carpets and upholstery dry faster. And most importantly, this has created safer working environments for everyone involved in the process.

There's no need to wait hours in line to get a quote on the phone because we're here to assist you with the situation of having your upholstery cleaned. With our website, you can just enter a few required data and someone from our team of efficient professionals can be hired in a second. We have all the information you need on our website.

Whether you are just cleaning for a special event or are planning routine maintenance, we can assist you in creating a safer, healthier, cleaner atmosphere for your family and customers. We offer customized cleaning services for businesses and homes.

Is there someone in your family who suffers from allergies or inflammation, making them particularly concerned about air quality in their home? Want to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading in your house? The soft furnishings in your home, such as sofas and chairs, serve as giant filters that consume and trap common allergens and germs.

Like any air filter, however, they need to be properly cleaned to remain most efficient at capturing particles as they fall out of the air. Our system for cleaning carpets and upholstery removes 98.1 percent of any household allergens that have been tested and confirmed by a leading independent laboratory for air quality.
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I had a great experience with CleaningPro and will definitely be going back to them next time disaster strikes! They took my booking straight away and it was ready to collect next day, comms were great, Abbey was lovely, and I was really happy with the end-result and price. Highly recommended! Thanks team :)

Francie Stacey

Resident of Christchurch

Our Hassle-Free Upholestry Cleaning

How Do We Perform Cleaning!

Our Healthy Home Bundle helps reduce the number of germs that exist in your home by 89%. The technology used to sanitize these surfaces also acts as a deodorizer. You can have furniture and air smelling fresh for longer with our products because they prevent bad smells from occurring rather than masking them temporarily as other companies would do! Our residential cleaning service is of high quality and we offer inspections too. Here is what is included in our residential and business upholstery cleaning services:

  • Our upholstery cleaning service sterilizes your furniture to remove any infectious organisms that can propagate in the fabric.
  • A product that eliminates fermentable carbs from allergens, rodents, and animal dander fungus.
  • This specific deodorizer removes odors and ingested smells, so your furniture's original scent will not be masked.
  • This product works on any kind of furniture, including beds and mattresses.

We are providing our services at your doorstep, so get a free quote today.

Why Choose Upholstery Cleaning Christchurch?

If you're looking for upholstery cleaning services in Christchurch, contact us. We have the experience and tools to clean all types of furniture so that they look brand new again!

Professional Staff

Our technicians not only have all the skills and expertise to get your home clean, but they are also certified by IICRC.

Modern Technology

Our equipment and machinery is state of the art, rendering effective services for damage restoration.

24-7 Emergency Response

As a customer, you can reach us anytime at our service line and we will get to your issue ASAP.

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